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Some things are just inevitable…


Darkened lips of roses coming undone;

Falling to the floor in the indifferent arms of change

Into the inevitable grasp of gravity.

Arrogant rose petals with your earthly grandeur;

Don’t forget that we are all the same in death.

Closed in the fetal position;

Open slowly to and with the brilliant nurture of sunlight and water

Bloom full and red and rich and lush and beautiful;

All things worth value that are worth nothing.

Your life is beautiful and short and watched carefully

Exchanged in the hands of blind lovers;

Blurred in the red eyes of the jealous lonely hearts;

Pricking the fingers of those that grab or hold you too tightly.

You laugh as the blood drips.

Feed mangled hearts. Dry the tears of scorned passions and you laugh and laugh.

Time and life darkens you as you begin to unravel;

I watch hungrily and wait as you hang drooping lower and lower.

You try to hold tight, but it is futile.

I can smell you.

Your once sweet perfume fresh with new life is now a dank foulness;

But still you dangle and I watch with my salivating mouth

Wide open and ready to swallow you up.

Dark lips of rose petals coming undone.  I am gravity, I am waiting

…and you will come to me.

By: JeanNicole Rivers