Long ago I realized that I had a deep love of reading which soon grew into a love of writing.  I always thought that one day I would write the great American novel, after I ran a marathon and traveled all over the world, of course.  After some years I realized the last two things on my list probably would not happen anytime soon and I decided to go for the first.  I have always loved books, stories and movies in the horror/thriller genre, but as an adult I also grew to love fiction books that explore love, family relationships and human behavior in an array of daily conditions.

Over the years I sat at my desk in sporadic bouts of determination to reach my goal and tried to churn out classic literature that would compete with Toni Morrison or Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but soon realized that I was consistently up against a brick wall and I wondered why.  I realized that in order for me to change my unsuccessful luck at writing a book I had to figure out the problem. After deep, sometimes harsh self-reflection I realized that I did not have any earthly idea of what I was trying to write about.  I love to read great fiction literature, but I did not quite understand the anatomy of the story:

            –           The characters

            –           The struggle

            –           The flow

            –           The conclusion

Every type of story has an anatomy and working with this anatomy is what makes writers of that genre unique and different, but being able to adhere to the anatomy is what makes the story possible.

Horror/thriller fiction, I knew.  I could recite the Nightmare on Elm Street nursery rhyme before I knew my ABC’s.  I have been watching horror movies ever since I could sit up and I understood completely how the story was supposed to work.  Years of trying to write a classic piece of fiction had failed, but when I finally sat down, waved my white flag and wrote about something I knew, “the words poured forth like liquid from a stream”.

I will always be on a mission to conquer all genres, but I am very happy with the accomplishment of finishing my first novel in horror/thriller fiction.

JeanNicole Rivers